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Firstly, I’d like to thank you for your interest in Midlands Business TV (MBTV), the online magazine / TV channel is dedicated to Small to Medium sized business in the midlands with the initial focus on Leicester as this is where our extended network is the strongest.


MBTV will highlight the amazing work that small and mediums sized businesses do in the local area, with contributors from various businesses across the region it is a website dedicated to you and its main contributors are you.
We have set up a studio space to conduct interview, tips, explainer style videos and this will be the basis of a lot of the digital video content although we will also travel to events around the region.


We need contributors, anything like this requires a good strong input from various sources in order to stay relevant and to make sure people want to use the site.
It is currently capable of hosting any type of content, is search engine optimised, has an events system built in and can cope with 100’s of contributors who can have access to add content themselves.

Midlands Buisness TV Studio
Our temporary studio

What we provide

We host the platform and provide support, you can send us content in any format or we can give you a username and password so you can add it yourself and we can also source images for the content if you don’t have any. We have a studio setup so that you can visit us and create video content for FREE, we film and edit it for FREE.

Why contribute?

This is a simple question, our aim is to build the website to have 10,000 unique visitors a month and this gives all local businesses a local captivated audience to talk to, this is not a direct selling tool but it is a publicity, brand awareness and social tool to increase your personal and business brand.

Rules of engagement

As previously mentioned, this is not a selling tool, if you want to sell your services as a gardener, we would prefer you to tell the audience why they need a gardener, or give them some tips about being a gardener, no one likes to be sold to but if you put yourself across in a positive way, the indirect sales will follow.

If you would like to contribute, please complete the following form.

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Why do you want to contribute?

Do you agree to not advertise on the site but instead provide support, guidance, tips and advice.


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