Friday , November 24 2017
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Matthew Hughes

Founder of Flucidity, Kinetal, Forget Me Knot and of course
Excitable businessman with a desire to grow and learn and take risks.
Never fail, always learn.

What’s in a title?

Todays post is a little food for thought for a Thursday / Friday. Titles are something that we are given from the moment we are conceived, we are a bun, a dot, a pea in a pod then we become a son or a daughter, a petal, a pudding, a ...

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A month in review…

At the start of March we launched Midlands Business TV in beta mode really whilst we started to get people on board and gain some momentum, and momentum we have. In just a month we have had just shy of 1,000 unique visitors with roughly 4,000 page views between them, ...

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TEDx comes to Leicester

TEDx the popular local spin off of the TED Talk events, or as the event organisers say, an independently organized TED event. What’s TEDxLeicester about? A future founded on fantastic people and positive diverse and strong communities. Can we work together in Leicester to activate alternative platforms for the future? ...

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Inspirational Women in Business 2015

An opportunity to network with the best of Leicester’s successful, driven women in business at a relaxed event in the city centre. The first in the series on Inspirational Business Women across Leicestershire – In in association with Glynis Wright Family Solicitors & Mediators More details of the event can ...

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Tax Ball

This week I had a meeting with Lee Parkin who introduced me to the Tax Ball an event happening on the 24th April 2015. It is a charity event on behalf of Miracles to Believe in and Heart for Hendrix. If you’re interested in the event, contact Whitehall Accountants directly. ...

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How we made our millions

In the attempt to understand the make up of successful entrepreneurs, Peter Jones, talks to the Innocent guys and Ultimo lady on their respective success. I loved this as it really shows some of the ups and downs in business. Matthew Hughes

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