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What’s in a title?

Todays post is a little food for thought for a Thursday / Friday.

Titles are something that we are given from the moment we are conceived, we are a bun, a dot, a pea in a pod then we become a son or a daughter, a petal, a pudding, a brat, cute, we gain the terrible twos and later become a teenager, a PITA, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a friend then an apprentice, a college student, a sixth former an undergrad, a graduate and then of course at some point during this we become a barrista, a barman, a wannabe DJ and eventually settle for a bunch of corporate titles that are also as meaningless (I hope you enjoyed reading those as much as I did writing them).

At what point in all of this did we care about our titles so much? Is it because we are given them at such a young age or is it because we feel empowered by our titles? I am the CEO, I am the Director of X.

Someecards came up with the following titles and it does indeed give a great picture of why titles mean nothing.

For now i’d simply ask that you don’t judge or measure yourself by your title, just be yourself and care more about your own goals and successes than the title people give you.

Thanks to Someecards for the inspiration and the images.

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