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MBTV Social Series – Top tips when using Facebook for Business

Facebook, at now over 1 billion users, is a massive tool for your business whether you like it or not. Whilst some marketeers will claim that it only works B2C, the B2B community is well and truly thriving and there’s certainly a community of businesses actively helping each other grow.

In the first part of this social series we will take a look at Facebook and its use in a business context, you will understand the positive ways you can use the platform and the positive ways it can affect your business.

1. Create a Facebook page

Create-A-Facebook-PageFirst things first, when getting involved in Facebook, the only type of presence your business should have is a Facebook page, not a group and most definitely not a Facebook profile.

Many small businesses think that creating a profile or group is the way forward but it has been well documented that a page is the only official presence a business should have on Facebook, it allows businesses to advertise and gather likes for their service without potential issues that come from creating a Facebook profile. There has also been some speculation that creating a profile for business purposes is against the AUP of Facebook and they may in future remove profiles that appear to be of a business nature, would you really want to create a profile and put a lot of effort into it only for it to be removed at a later date?

Link: How to create a facebook page in 5 simple steps

2. Create a custom URL

One of the first steps after creating your page is to accumulate 25 likes to enable you to get a Facebook URL. This should be representative of your brand and something easy to remember, this will be the url that you add to your marketing efforts so keeping it in line with your twitter account or other social accounts would be a good idea.

How do you get to 25 likes? put a call out to your Facebook friends and ask them to support the cause, if like me you have a Facebook profile for work and one for personal friends, make sure the page is created on the business profile, invite business associates or your network to like the page to get that all important URL before showing it to customers.


3. Update the page information

Make sure you go through the Facebook Page information and add detail as appropriate, phone numbers, website addresses are often left out and this could be a great way to refer people to your business.

4. Update your Facebook Cover image

Some people are very visual and will not read the text on the page, so make sure you use a Facebook cover photo that will grab their attention.

Facebook changes the images dimensions from time to time so make sure whatever cover photo you use, it is the right image dimension and aspect ratio, if you’re not sure on this or need help, hire a designer or use a service such as


5. Engage with your audience

Creating the page and getting likes is not the end of the road, now you need to engage with your audience, make sure your website blog posts are also posted to the Facebook feed (if your website doesn’t have this kind of integration, most websites have a share function so create and publish the post, then use the share option to publish it to your Facebook feed). Join Facebook groups and take part in Like ladders and any other opportunity to promote your business to other businesses, even if you’re business is B2C taking part in some B2B online networking can help spread the word.

6. Like other business pages

Liking other complimentary business pages and services adds to your network, don’t forget to leave a post on their page too, your post will appear in their “posts to this page” and this can also lead to referrals from your business network.

7. Be professional

is-selfie-culture-good-or-bad-for-businessesHaving a personality on your page is great, each post has the post author listed and personalities can really help people connect with you, however, bad spelling and grammar is horrendous and if you spend your time posting selfies to your business page, don’t expect people to take you seriously, you are not Kim Kardashian and you don’t star in a reality show so keep it clean, professional but by all means have a personality, light humour is a good thing (depending on your business) and if people do want to know the personal side to you, they will add you as a friend.

8. Promote complimentary services

Similar to point 6 but this is about posting their page to your feed, helping other businesses by suggesting people like their pages usually gets a reciprocal effect and can help you gain good PR by association.

9. Post interesting relevant content

Of course all of this is great but if there is nothing interesting on your page and its not worth reading then the chance of people un-liking you or not liking you in the first place is quite high. Keeping your page updated regularly with good interesting content will keep people wanting more and will make them read your posts instead of scanning past them on their feed.

Well that’s it, 9 good tips for Facebook for Business but I am sure there are lots more, next up in the series is Twitter for Business and we will also look into Facebook advertising over the next couple of weeks.

Do you have some good tips? Add them to the comments below, the best ones will be added to the post. If you like this post, please like our Facebook page too.


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