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Rawlins Academy First Time Voters

Rawlins Academy students have produced an advice video for first time voters.

Being a first time voter can be a confusing time, and in Loughborough, four first time voters from Rawlins Academy were keenly aware that living in such a marginal seat meant their vote really could matter.

To help themselves and their peers to understand how to navigate the minefield of information and make a decision, students Fay Cross, Scarlett Salsbury, Kieran Walsh and Kieran Thwaites decided they would ask each of the Loughborough candidates for their advice, and they have made this into a video which they are distributing via YouTube and social media.

Scarlett Salsbury (Camera/Editing) said “Making this film was a challenge, but it was worth all the hard work. The video isn’t about policies; it is about why we should vote and how we should choose who to vote for. I learnt a lot about the election from the politicians”.

Rawlins Academy are using the film as part of their mock election within school, and the students involved are hoping it will benefit other schools, colleges and the local community.

Fay Cross (presenter) said “Throughout our time making this film, it really showed me why voting in important, especially for young people. I really hope others take that message from the film and it helps them make an informed choice when using their vote”


Rawlins Academy Students Kieran Thwaites, Scarlett Salsbury, Fay Cross and Kieran Walsh
Rawlins Academy Students Kieran Thwaites, Scarlett Salsbury, Fay Cross and Kieran Walsh

Eddie Izzard also visited the Academy on his campaign trail through Loughborough and was full of praise.

“Our visit to Rawlins was fantastic, we had some brilliant questions from the young students. They had clearly researched the questions so I was really surprised and impressed.”

Eddie Izzard talking to Rawlins Academy Students. Photo: Leicester Mercury


You can see the interview with Eddie Izzard here –


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