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Taking the Plunge into Business

After going through it all and taking the plunge into the business world. Lauren, Owner of Wedding Hair by Lauren shares her experiences and offers advice about the first stages of owning a business.

People choose to take the plunge and start their own business for various reasons. Be it financial gain, frustration in their current role, lack of job opportunities, or the big business idea.

Below, Hiscox ran an online poll asking entrepreneurs what motivated them to turn their idea into reality.

starting-up-your-own-business-reasons– credit

32% of responses indicated people went into business to be their own boss. The option to make more money was second at 27%.

The remaining results showed:

  • 16% hoped to bring to life a great business idea
  • 14% wanted to escape the corporate world
  • 10% had started their own business as a result of being made redundant

However, when taking the ‘plunge’, as Lauren states in the video, you need a lot more than just a good business idea. You need a professional website, Twitter and Facebook page.



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