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Top 5 Things to Consider When Contracting

Troy Stevens from Qdos Accounting returns to Midlands Business to offer advice on the top 5 things to consider when contracting.

Becoming an independent worker, also known as a contractor is becoming increasingly popular.

As the name suggests, contractors work on a contracted basis, not as regular employees. Each contract might span a few months, a few weeks or even a one-off piece of work. Contractor’s often go from one company to another in a short space of time, or work part-time for two or more companies simultaneously.

It might sound like an insecure life for the contractor, but knowing that your skills are in demand by more than one company can actually make you feel more secure.

Troy goes though 5 important points in a short 1:30 minute video.

– Getting an accountant

– Gaining an understanding of IR35

– Have insurance

– Have an up to date profile

– Have a ‘war chest’

Qdos Accounting are specialists in this area and are always happy to help.

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