Friday , November 24 2017
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A month in review…

At the start of March we launched Midlands Business TV in beta mode really whilst we started to get people on board and gain some momentum, and momentum we have.

In just a month we have had just shy of 1,000 unique visitors with roughly 4,000 page views between them, that means that for every visitor that arrives on our site, they view 4 pages before they leave, the great news about this too is that we have an audience that’s worth shouting about.

If this interested you and you want to speak directly to business owners like yourself, get in touch and see how you can contribute.

Some of the content we have posted this month.

What are Twitter Hours?

What are Hashtags?

5 things to consider when choosing a contractor accountant.

How to present your business in 60 seconds

How to create the perfect business card

What a great month, interested in what we’re doing this month? Subscribe to the website, follow us on twitter and like our facebook page



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