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TEDx comes to Leicester

TEDx the popular local spin off of the TED Talk events, or as the event organisers say, an independently organized TED event.

What’s TEDxLeicester about?

A future founded on fantastic people and positive diverse and strong communities.

Can we work together in Leicester to activate alternative platforms for the future? Can we be our own architects of the future we want?

The 27th April will be the start of an open ended project which involve people, organisations and groups from all around Leicester cooperating to create the city we want to live in.

We are excited about the event as it is the first to be held in Leicester and the speaker list is very impressive.

If you want to register for the event, registration is open until the 20th March so you’d better be quick.

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  1. Really excited about this event, if you’re interested they have a great website for general tedx events

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