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How to present your business in 60 seconds

In today’s video, Adam King explains the importance of how to present and sell your business in 60 important seconds.

Knowing how to effectively pitch what you do in 60 seconds or less is an essential skill that you should try to perfect, especially when you are a small business owner.

You never know when you may be introduced to someone, or bump into someone helpful at the unlikeliest places, and having a prepared and confident explanation of what you can offer (also known as an ‘elevator pitch’) can make the difference between leaving them with a great impression or memory of you – or no impression at all.

And it’s not just surprise meetings – being able to tell your business or career story in a sufficient and engaging way will prove invaluable at networking events, formal presentations, casual coffee meet-ups and when preparing your marketing communications.

We will now be releasing a video every day at Midlands Business, whether it being an advice video or an event we have filmed.

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